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Mount Lincoln University is the most sought after University for earning your online degrees. We have been known for imparting education to working, youthful and elderly students for a long time now.

We strive to provide online education at an affordable price to those who enroll with us. We have removed all cultural and geographical barriers through our education format and students around the globe find Mount Lincoln University to be an affordable way of earning an online education. We have devised financing methods and strategies for students who want to complete their degree at a faster pace than usual. In addition, our scholarship programs will enable students to further reduce the burden on their bank accounts.

A number of options are available for students to avail such as credit transfer facility and flexible fee imbursement alternatives

Fee Payment Options

To make life easy for students, Mount Lincoln University has introduced 2 diverse fee payment options to assist you in paying your program fees according to your budget.

a) Upfront Fee Payment

This payment mode allows you to get a fee-cut of up to 14.5% (excluding financial aid) .With the help of this option, if you pay the remaining fees for your program up front, you will get a fee-cut of up to 14.5% (excluding financial aid).

b) Fee Payment in 2 Installments

You may select to pay your complete fee in 2 simple installments. Using this alternative will enable you for to a 7% discount on your complete program fee.

Fee Reduction Options


Offered to students on both need and merit basis, financial scholarship can reduce the program fee of your chosen program considerably. The process of applying for scholarship is simple and easy and the eligibility criteria for Mount Lincoln Scholarship are very simple.

Transferring Credits

Save time and money when you transfer and receive credit towards your Mount Lincoln University program.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement Programs

Many employers around the world offer the benefit of reimbursing educational Tuition fees, and cost of books. Ask your company HR department about this educational benefit. If you need any help in preparing your case for this benefit, you can contact our consultants anytime through our toll free 1-888-719-0998.

Scholarship & Aid

We recognize and realize the different needs of the students and professional coming from various backgrounds, hence we have devised our scholarship programs to meet their requirements, needy and deserving students will have no issues getting the Mount Lincoln University Scholarship. The program is administered wholly by Mount Lincoln University and the scholarship is awarded based on need basis. We give highest number of scholarships to students in the online education domain; approximately 80% of the students applying for the scholarships are approved for it.

You may apply for the scholarship program just by mentioning that you would like to benefit from it any time during your application procedure. You will have to tell us on what basis you qualify for the scholarship programs and provide us the proof for that as well.